15/11/2020 08:00 6195 AM 55444 Mike Radio
15/11/2020 08:30 6385 AM 55444 Radio 319
15/11/2020 08:40 6305 AM 24232 Radio Merlin
15/11/2020 09:00 6130 AM 55454 Radio Casanova
15/11/2020 09:25 6280 AM 45333 Radio Quadzilla
15/11/2020 09:35 6295 AM 34232 Radio Cuckoo
15/11/2020 10:04 6246 AM 55444 Radio Roter Sand
15/11/2020 12:30 5880 AM 35222 Radio Rock Revolution
15/11/2020 14:00 5770 AM 34232 Panda Radio
15/11/2020 15:00 6070 AM 55444 Radio Diamond
15/11/2020 16:00 6325 AM 55333 Radio Golf Victor
15/11/2020 16:15 6284 AM 45333 Baken 16
15/11/2020 17:00 6276 AM 45333 Radio Cochiguaz
15/11/2020 19:15 1359 AM 55444 Radio Seabreeze
15/11/2020 19:45 1625 AM 55444 De Blauwe Koe
15/11/2020 20:05 1620,5 AM 55444 Radio Atlantic

Cap’n Ric’s released the revised schedule of our 1st-anniversary broadcasts and our limited edition eQSL.

Here’s the schedule:
November 21 – Channel 262, Rohrbach, Germany – 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz and 1800 UTC on 3955 kHz
November 22 – WBCQ, Monticello, Maine USA – 0200 UTC on 6160 kHz
November 28 – WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida USA – 2300 UTC on 7570 kHz
– Radio GaGa, Somewhere in North America – ???? UTC on ???? kHz.
November 29 – WRMI, Okeechobee, Florida USA – 0200 UTC on 9455 kHz.

The program is a rebroadcast of TRSW’s first program aired by Radio GaGa on November 28, 2019.

Channel 292 broadcasts originate in Rohrbach, Germany, and are primarily for European listeners. The other three are for North American listeners. All four broadcasts may be heard in other parts of the world.

Our eQSL displays some of the 30 different eQSL designs TRSW’s used in the past year. The 1st-anniversary eQSLs are available for correct, detailed reception reports to [email protected]

“FRS-Holland 1980-2020: 40 years on shortwave!

On Sunday November 8th FRS-Holland will celebrate 40 years of shortwave broadcasts. Following intensive preparations FRS is ready to offer an attractive programming that day.
This time we hope to surprise you…so we won’t reveal all details as far as the programme content is concerned. Tune in and find out! Of course our history plays an important part.
A hint: the music we play is closely associated to several aspects of FRS’ past 40 years. Listen and enjoy.
To be honest: this won’t be a typical broadcast for a quick listen…there’s so much interesting to listen to next Sunday….sit down behind your SW receiver & make sure you are part of it.
In order to make listening convenient, next Sunday’s broadcast will be aired on different frequencies ánd different times. In addition there will be a number of streams starting a few days
after the shortwave broadcasts. Take a look at our schedule.
There will be a special Anniversary QSL card. Besides: listeners who send in a letter/ report to P.O.Box 2702 in Herten will receive our FRS 40 years Souvenir booklet containing many interesting articles. Please enclose 5 euro to cover P&P. For an extra 5 euro we offer a FRS 40 years CD. This CD contains programme extracts from past & present, FRS 40th Anniversary jingles (recently produced for next Sunday) and a few surprises.
We are looking forward to have your company next Sunday!

73’s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the FRS team”

FRS-Holland 40th Anniversary Frequency Schedule

Sunday November 8th 2020





7700 kHz

08:52- 14:05 / 14:05- 19:23*

09:52- 15:30 / 15:30- 21:00*


5790 kHz

08:52- 14:05 / 14:05- 19:23*

09:52- 15:30 / 15:30- 21:00*


6160 kHz***

08:52- 14:05

09:52- 15:30


3920 kHz**

15:52- 21:05

16:52- 22:30

* Our full programming will be repeated on our two main frequencies being 7700 & 5790 kHz.
** The 3920 outlet offers best reception in the later afternoon & evening. So best option is to start at 17 CET to ensure good reception.
*** 6160 more or less runs in parallel with our main 7700 & 5790 services.Only during the first run!


Please be advised that  Marconi Radio International will once again be on air tomorrow, Saturday, 31 October 2020, as follows:  07.00-08.00 UTC on 11390 kHz and 16.00-17.00 UTC on 7720 kHz (USB Mode).

To celebrate Halloween, we’ll air a special show, with a number of rock songs, from punk to power metal, with the word “Halloween” in their title.

MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts are welcome! We QSL 100%. Our electronic mail address is: marconiradiointernational (at) gmail.com –

Please don’t forget to include your postal address as some lucky listeners will also receive a printed QSL card.

Last but not least, we need your help! If you are a DX blogger, or use social networks, please post an announcement on your own blog and/or Facebook or send out a tweet the day before the broadcast. You can also forward this message to a friend. This should help increase our potential audience.

We hope to hear from a lot of shortwave listeners about our transmissions.

Best 73’s

Marconi Radio International (MRI)

Marconi Radio International (MRI) on the air today Sunday, 18 October 2020 as follows:

22.00-2300 UTC on 6170 kHz (USB mode).

Reception reports to this E-mail address: marconiradiointernational (at) gmail.com
Last but not least, we need your help! If you are a DX blogger, or use social networks, please post an announcement on your own blog and/or Facebook or send out a tweet. You can also forward this message to a friend.

Marconi Radio International (MRI).

Dear FRS Friends,

We at FRS were happy with the  response on our 200th official broadcast on Sunday August 30th. We received a fine number of most interesting mails and letters,
some from ‘long ago listeners’ and others from new listeners. And amazing reception in the US/Canada later in the evening! But (and this is even more important!)
also solid reception in Europe, particularly in the mid/later part of the evening.

The comprehensive FRS Summer 2020 Newsletter tells it all.
In the mean time we have responded to all those writing in for the FRS Summer Splash as well as the 200th broadcast August 30th. It was a huge job but
looking at some of the mail we received, it was worth doing.

Most likely early November we hope to celebrate 4 decades of FRS-Holland on short wave. Certainly a milestone!
It’s not only our party but also the listeners’ one! So…we need a little helping hand, your participation.
In all those many years we have often tried to involve listeners in our broadcasts. Many of you will know what I mean.

We’d kindly request to answer & reply to these two questions:

Q1) When did you listen to FRS-Holland for the very first time?

It could be an exact date but if you cannot remember that’s no problem. ‘Summer 1983’, ‘late 1998’ , Spring 2005” …all is ok! And: if you can add a just a few  explanatory words. that would be wonderful.
Like: ‘I first heard FRS-Holland because early 2001 I bought myself a new SW receiver. One of the first times I used it, I came along FRS-Holland.” Or: “I read about FRS in a magazine and was
curious to hear the station.’ ‘I heard it from a fellow DXer.’  There are various good reasons! If you remember please mention it.

Q2) And why are you still listening to FRSH?

Please come up with one or a few arguments. Most likely you have already mentioned (a) reason(s) in a mail/ letter you once sent.

How to respond?
You can respond by e-mail or  spoken word (approx. one minute).
If you have the opportunity to record your message (mp3), that would be wonderful. Otherwise we will read out your message on air!

Please include your name and address. To ease things you can fill in the attached form and return it.
Or alternatively put your answers directly in a mail.

Last but not least: we MUST have your entry latest on October 9th. That gives you more than enough time.
We do not expect long ‘stories’. Keep it short

4840 23-mag 03:50 USA WWCR, Nashville – Religious talk in E, fair
4960 24-mag 04:15 STP VOA Pineira – Tk abt the president in E, weak
5025 23-mag 02:10 CUB Radio Rebelde – Mx Cristian Castro & Jose, fair
5140 23-mag 02:20 PIR Charlestone Radio Int – Mx Nitsa Molly, good
5830 24-mag 04:00 USA WTWW Lebanon – Tk abt society, weak
5860 23-mag 02:00 KWT Radio Farda – Talk in Arabic, mx Reza Shiri, good
7440 24-mag 06:40 D Radio Waves Int. – ID, mx with Peter Hills, good
7780 24-mag 04:20 USA WRMI, The Overcomer – Preaching in E, fair
9455 24-mag 04:25 USA WRMI, The Overcomer – Preaching in E, fair
9525 24-mag 04:50 F Radio Denge Welat – Tk in Kurdish, good
9610 24-mag 09:00 D AWR – Obiettivo DX in It., good