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  1. ciao Denis potresti gentilmente inviarmi il progetto e master del pcb relativo al tuo splitter d’antenna ?
    grazie mille

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am happy to send you a feedback on your broadcast of 29th January 2019. Signal strength was good with minor atmospheric noise and fading. Otherwise clear and audible transmission. I would for your kind verification with a QSL card.

    Reception Report :
    Date : 29 January, 2019
    Time : 06:00-06:30 UTC
    Frequency : 6070 kHz
    Receiver : YB-80 Grundig with telescopic antenna
    Reception quality : 44344

    Some details of the programme : I enjoyed listening to the country and contemporary popular songs.

    With warm regards from India.

    Name : Jayanta Chakrabarty
    Address : 120-A, Pocket-C, DDA Flats,
    Siddhartha Extension
    New Delhi – 110014

  3. Hello,

    Signal = radio 5, signal strength S7 on the Yeasu FT950.
    Antenne dipole ASL ,7 meter Eas – west.
    Grid Square JO21ne

    Regards, Carl

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