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    • Ciao Giovanni ti ringrazio. Purtroppo manca sempre il tempo per mantenerlo aggiornato.

  1. I am listening to Super Clan Radio on 7440khz today 13th January at 0900 itv on an icom dx4-90 using 15m longwire antenna. My athletic is Ashtead Surrey in Uk. SIO is 242 at this location. My name is Alyn G7RSK.

    Mainly rock music being played but difficult to identify.

    I would be grateful for an eQsl.

    73s Alyn

  2. Good evening, I receive your radio station at a frequency of 4.700 khz (range 60 meters) in the city of Velikiye Luki, (Pskov Oblast, Russia) the signal is received with slight fading…

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