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“We will also be on the air via Channel 292 on 6070 kHz. This is as a replacement for the programmes we used to transmit via Hamburger Lokalradio the 4th Saturday of the Month. The have left shortwave so we have decided to move to Channel 292 on 6070 kHz.

During December 2019 we will transmit every Saturday (December 7, 14, 21 and 28). The two initial broadcast are the October and November programmes originally intended for transmission via Hamburger Lokalradio, but with new opening and closing. The two remaining programmes are completely new.

Then starting in January 2020 we will be on the air the 4th Saturday of the Month. All transmission will be at 12 – 13 hours Central European time (11 – 12 GMT when we have standard time).

The transmissions via IRRS remain unchanged. Thus a new programme the 3rd Saturday of the Month and repeats of old programmes, picked at random most other Saturdays. And the time remains the same, 10 -11 hours Central European Time (= 09 – 10 GMT when we have standard time).

Best regards

Radio City – the Station of the Cars”

Prima messa in funzione del ricevitore auto costruito “Obiettivo DX” su progetto di Giovanni Lorenzi IT9TZZ.
Il ricevitore è sintonizzato sui 9610 kHz durante la trasmissione Obiettivo DX di domenica 10 Novembre 2019. L’antenna utilizzata è una Ultrabeam UB50 sintonizzata sulla banda dei 40 metri.
Tutte le informazioni su questo ed altri interessanti progetti si possono trovare sul sito

Confirmation mail with photos received by Radio Freedom transmission of the 19/10/2019 on 6290 kHz AM. Report sent to [email protected], mail in 8 days.

Dear Dennis,

On 19 and 20 October we broadcast 2 days on the 6290Khz under the name Radio Freedom.
We are 4 friends and sometimes we will broadcast a weekend on the short wave.
Our studio is located in the north east of the Netherlands.
You have received us and sent us a confirmation by e-mail.
We really enjoy receiving an email from listening amateurs.
Our transmitter is a home-made transmitter with a maximum capacity of 100 watts.
Our antenna is an inverted V antenna, and is 11 meters high.
We want to thank you for your response.
In the attachment you will find pictures of our antenna system and transmitter.

531 05-ott 01:00 ALG Jil FM, arab songs, Cheba Danet, fair
594 05-ott 15:50 I Challenger Radio -ID, songs, Mousse T.DJ Ross, good
630 05-ott 01:05 TUN Radio Tunisienne – Songs Umm Kulthum, fair
819 05-ott 15:25 I RDE, Trieste – Songs Boston, good
837 05-ott 01:10 E COPE – Cope estar informado in S, fair
1017 06-ott 12:58 I Amica Radio Veneta – Songs, Michele Rodella, good
1422 05-ott 01:20 ALG Eadio Coran – Arabic songs, poor
1458 05-ott 01:30 G Lyca Radio – Pop songs, fair
1584 05-ott 12:15 I RDE, Trieste – ID, songs Space Girls, good
1593 05-ott 01:45 F Bretagne Radio – Songs Gazebo, Little Richard, fair
4840 05-ott 05:25 USA WWCR, Nashville – Religious talk in E, fair
4885 05-ott 05:15 BR Radio Clube do Parà, songs, talk in P., fair
4960 05-ott 05:00 STP VOA Pineira – Start tx in Hausa, good
5025 05-ott 05:10 CUB Radio Rebelde – Cuban songs, fair
5820 04-ott 19:00 DK Radio OZ-Viola – Songs AC DC, Status Quo, poor
5840 04-ott 19:20 PIR Radio Focus Int. – Songs and talk in E, poor
5860 05-ott 14:10 KWT Radio Farda – Talk in Arabic, music – fair
6070 05-ott 12:05 DK From the isle of music – Talk in E, songs – good
6070 06-ott 15:00 D Encore Classical Music – The magic flute overture, good
6095 05-ott 12:00 G Radio Emmeloord via Nauen – Talk in Dutch, ID, good
6170 05-ott 15:00 NZL Radio New Zealand – News and meteo in E, good
6275 05-ott 15:35 PIR KR1 – Songs Mr Mister, Nena, good
6275 05-ott 19:15 PIR Radio Joey – ID, songs Just Us, DJ 88 Keys, good
6280 04-ott 20:10 PIR Johnny Tobacco – Songs Janne Tulkki, Yolintu, fair
6295 06-ott 18:15 IRL Reflections Europe – ID, mail, website in E, fair
6865 05-ott 09:25 PIR South Coast Radio – songs Jeanette Harris, Fourplay, fair
9610 06-ott 09:00 D AWR – Obiettivo DX, super good