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Dear FRS Friends,

We’d like to inform you about our upcoming broadcast.
That will take place next Sunday October 29th between 09:52- 14:35 CET (wintertime!).
Frequencies: 7700//9300 (alt. 9330/9335 kHz).
Mind you: due to circumstances 6185 kHz will be off but instead the complete programming
will be aired (repeated) a week later (on 6185) on Sunday November 5th between 09:52- 14:35 CET.

Of course there will be Internet streams. The full schedule is to be read below.

The new FRS-Holland website is still under construction but work is progressing!
Please be patient. We do the best we can. It’s a very time consuming job.

We offer a total of 9 different QSL cards printed in full color on heavy quality paper.
Since this Summer we have a brand new sticker showing our station logo.
Write to: P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, the Netherlands.

Make a note on your calendar: our traditional Seasonal broadcast is scheduled for Sunday December 17th.

Choosing for ‘the best of both worlds’ FRS-Holland goes for broadcasting on short wave in good old AM ánd digital
high quality web streaming. Listeners can make their choice out of two streams(see below schedule):

Streaming service
Dates/Times in UTC/CET: Wintertime starts October 29th.

Monday October 30th
16:52- 21:35 UTC
17:52- 22:35 CET

Wednesday November 1st
16:52- 21:35 UTC
17:52- 22:35 CET

Friday November 4th
16:52- 21:35 UTC
17:52- 22:35 CET

Thursday November 2nd
17:00- 22:00 CET
18:00- 23:00 UTC

Saturday November 4th
07:00- 12:00 UTC
08:00- 13:00 CET

Sunday November 5th
08:00- 13:00 UTC
09:00- 14:00 CET

We’re looking forward hearing from you!

73s, the FRSH team (Bert, Mike, Jan, Dave & Brian)


Dear FRS Friends,

We at FRS were happy with the  response on our 200th official broadcast on Sunday August 30th. We received a fine number of most interesting mails and letters,
some from ‘long ago listeners’ and others from new listeners. And amazing reception in the US/Canada later in the evening! But (and this is even more important!)
also solid reception in Europe, particularly in the mid/later part of the evening.

The comprehensive FRS Summer 2020 Newsletter tells it all.
In the mean time we have responded to all those writing in for the FRS Summer Splash as well as the 200th broadcast August 30th. It was a huge job but
looking at some of the mail we received, it was worth doing.

Most likely early November we hope to celebrate 4 decades of FRS-Holland on short wave. Certainly a milestone!
It’s not only our party but also the listeners’ one! So…we need a little helping hand, your participation.
In all those many years we have often tried to involve listeners in our broadcasts. Many of you will know what I mean.

We’d kindly request to answer & reply to these two questions:

Q1) When did you listen to FRS-Holland for the very first time?

It could be an exact date but if you cannot remember that’s no problem. ‘Summer 1983’, ‘late 1998’ , Spring 2005” …all is ok! And: if you can add a just a few  explanatory words. that would be wonderful.
Like: ‘I first heard FRS-Holland because early 2001 I bought myself a new SW receiver. One of the first times I used it, I came along FRS-Holland.” Or: “I read about FRS in a magazine and was
curious to hear the station.’ ‘I heard it from a fellow DXer.’  There are various good reasons! If you remember please mention it.

Q2) And why are you still listening to FRSH?

Please come up with one or a few arguments. Most likely you have already mentioned (a) reason(s) in a mail/ letter you once sent.

How to respond?
You can respond by e-mail or  spoken word (approx. one minute).
If you have the opportunity to record your message (mp3), that would be wonderful. Otherwise we will read out your message on air!

Please include your name and address. To ease things you can fill in the attached form and return it.
Or alternatively put your answers directly in a mail.

Last but not least: we MUST have your entry latest on October 9th. That gives you more than enough time.
We do not expect long ‘stories’. Keep it short