Confirmation mail with photos received by Radio Freedom transmission of the 19/10/2019 on 6290 kHz AM. Report sent to [email protected], mail in 8 days.

Dear Dennis,

On 19 and 20 October we broadcast 2 days on the 6290Khz under the name Radio Freedom.
We are 4 friends and sometimes we will broadcast a weekend on the short wave.
Our studio is located in the north east of the Netherlands.
You have received us and sent us a confirmation by e-mail.
We really enjoy receiving an email from listening amateurs.
Our transmitter is a home-made transmitter with a maximum capacity of 100 watts.
Our antenna is an inverted V antenna, and is 11 meters high.
We want to thank you for your response.
In the attachment you will find pictures of our antenna system and transmitter.

531 05-ott 01:00 ALG Jil FM, arab songs, Cheba Danet, fair
594 05-ott 15:50 I Challenger Radio -ID, songs, Mousse T.DJ Ross, good
630 05-ott 01:05 TUN Radio Tunisienne – Songs Umm Kulthum, fair
819 05-ott 15:25 I RDE, Trieste – Songs Boston, good
837 05-ott 01:10 E COPE – Cope estar informado in S, fair
1017 06-ott 12:58 I Amica Radio Veneta – Songs, Michele Rodella, good
1422 05-ott 01:20 ALG Eadio Coran – Arabic songs, poor
1458 05-ott 01:30 G Lyca Radio – Pop songs, fair
1584 05-ott 12:15 I RDE, Trieste – ID, songs Space Girls, good
1593 05-ott 01:45 F Bretagne Radio – Songs Gazebo, Little Richard, fair
4840 05-ott 05:25 USA WWCR, Nashville – Religious talk in E, fair
4885 05-ott 05:15 BR Radio Clube do Parà, songs, talk in P., fair
4960 05-ott 05:00 STP VOA Pineira – Start tx in Hausa, good
5025 05-ott 05:10 CUB Radio Rebelde – Cuban songs, fair
5820 04-ott 19:00 DK Radio OZ-Viola – Songs AC DC, Status Quo, poor
5840 04-ott 19:20 PIR Radio Focus Int. – Songs and talk in E, poor
5860 05-ott 14:10 KWT Radio Farda – Talk in Arabic, music – fair
6070 05-ott 12:05 DK From the isle of music – Talk in E, songs – good
6070 06-ott 15:00 D Encore Classical Music – The magic flute overture, good
6095 05-ott 12:00 G Radio Emmeloord via Nauen – Talk in Dutch, ID, good
6170 05-ott 15:00 NZL Radio New Zealand – News and meteo in E, good
6275 05-ott 15:35 PIR KR1 – Songs Mr Mister, Nena, good
6275 05-ott 19:15 PIR Radio Joey – ID, songs Just Us, DJ 88 Keys, good
6280 04-ott 20:10 PIR Johnny Tobacco – Songs Janne Tulkki, Yolintu, fair
6295 06-ott 18:15 IRL Reflections Europe – ID, mail, website in E, fair
6865 05-ott 09:25 PIR South Coast Radio – songs Jeanette Harris, Fourplay, fair
9610 06-ott 09:00 D AWR – Obiettivo DX, super good

594 28-set 07:10 I Challenger Radio -ID, songs, Eamon, J-five, good
819 28-set 06:50 I RDE, Trieste – Aladdin, good
1017 27-set 12:58 I Amica Radio Veneta – Songs, G. Morandi, Leano M., good
1287 27-set 18:20 E SER Lleida – Sports news, fair
1584 27-set 12:40 I RDE, Trieste – ID, songs Spice Girls, Savage Garden, good
3905 27-set 20:05 PIR Radio Mustang – songs Lynyrd Skynyrd, good
6280 27-set 18:50 PIR Johnny Tobacco – Songs Ernest Tubb, George Jones, good
6301 27-set 20:35 PIR Dance Hell Radio – Sngs Anita Ward, Barry White,fair
6305 27-set 18:30 PIR Radio Joey – Songs no stop, fair
6746 27-set 19:20 PIR Pioneer AM – ID, song, fair
9610 28-set 09:00 D AWR – Obiettivo DX, good

594     21-set  11:45  I-Challenger Radio – Songs Vaglio, Giorgia,Venditti, good
819     22-set  11:05  I-RDE, Trieste – Studio DX, good
1017   21-set  09:00  I-Amica Radio Veneta – Songs, ID and tel. N°, good
1386   22-set  18:30  LTU-Radio Liberty – Talk in Ru, good
1521   22-set  04:20  SVK-Radio Patria – Songs Nic Chagall, Lakatos Robert, fair
1584   21-set  09:05  I-RDE, Trieste – ID, news, meteo, songs Roggeri, good
1602   22-set  16:30  I-Radio Milano – ID, songs Tears for Fears, Commodores, good
4840   22-set  04:40  USA-WWCR, Nashville – Religious talk, good
4960   22-set  04:43  STP -VOA Pineira – Talk in E abt immigration, good
5025   22-set  04:47  CUB-Radio Rebelde – Cuban songs, fair
5040   22-set  04:50  CUB-Radio Habana – Songs Angelina Fragoso, Maraca, good
5085   22-set  04:55  USA-WTWW Lebanon – Songs Marvin Gaye, The McCoys, ID, fair
5935   22-set  04:10  USA-WWCR, Nashville – Religious talk, fair
5975   22-set  04:15  AUT-NHK world, Radio Japan – Program in E, songs King Gnu, good
6160   21-set  18:45  PIR-Shortwave Radio – ID, live show // 3975, good
6270   21-set  19:10  PIR-Radio Caroline north – ID, songs all memories, good
6320   21-set  19:40  PIR-Radio Joey – Music non stop, good
7310   21-set  12:30  D-Radio Mi Amigo – ID, songs Elton John, good
9510   21-set  08:00  I-Radio City via IRRS – ID, songs Fame, Carrol, Farfalli, good
9610   22-set  09:00  D-AWR – Obiettivo DX, good
15245 21-set  14:45  KRE -Voice of Korea – Talk in F, songs, from 15:00 utc in E, good
15460 21-set  14:40  STP-VOA Pineira – Talk in Kirundi – fair

Cari Ascoltatori, siamo tornati.
In questi mesi di assenza, abbiamo rinnovato tutti i nostri impianti e stabilito una connessione Internet seria nel nostro “covo”. Siamo pronti per la nostra prima trasmissione del 2019!!
Come al solito, saremo in onda quasi tutto il weekend con tanta bella musica e interessanti rubriche.
Partiremo con un tuffo nel passato con una Hit originale del 1978 di ABC Radio, emittente fondata dal Massi,che gia a quei tempi “irradiava”, a seguire due orette di bella musica in compagnia di Massi. Rubrica fissa ormai, quella del bravo Artem’s World Music con tanta bella musica Cubana e una interessante panoramica sulla Radiodiffusione dell’isola.
Un oretta di Oldies USA da me selezionati e l’ultimo spazio, una fantastica carrellata di belle canzoni da tutto il mondo.
Sono certa, cari amici, che ci seguirete in molti come avete fatto sempre in questi due anni molto belli di trasmissioni. Le vostre Mail, le vostre segnalazioni ci danno tanto entusiasmo, con qualcuno di voi siamo ormai amici, alcuni lo saranno in futuro, tutto questo è fantastico.
Un buon ascolto sulle note di KCR……..

Dear Listeners, we’re back.
In these months of absence, we have renewed all our facilities and established a serious Internet connection in our “den”. We are ready for our first broadcast of 2019 !!
As usual, we will be on the air almost all weekend with lots of beautiful music and interesting columns.
We will start with a blast from the past with an original 1978 Hit by ABC Radio, a station founded by Massi, which at that time “radiated”, followed by two hours of beautiful music in the company of Massi. Fixed address book now, that of the good Artem’s World Music with a lot of beautiful Cuban music and an interesting overview of the island’s broadcasting.
An hour of US Oldies selected by me and the last space, a fantastic range of beautiful songs from all over the world.
I am sure, dear friends, that you will follow us in many as you have always done in these two very beautiful years of transmissions. Your Mail, your reports give us so much enthusiasm, with some of you we are now friends, some will be in the future, all this is fantastic.
Good listening on the notes of KCR ……..

1566 27-apr 14:10 Radio Kolbe, Vicenza, Italy – Religious program in IT 24222
1584 27-apr 14:05 RDE, Trieste, Italy – ID, publicity in IT 55444
3240 25-apr 03:35 TWR Africa, Manzini, Swaziland – Talk in ndau 45343
4840 25-apr 03:45 WWCR, Nashville, USA – Religious talk by man and woman in EE 45444
5040 25-apr 03:50 Radio Habana, Bauta, Cuba – Talk about Paco De Lucia music in SS 45333
5084 25-apr 03:55 WTWW, Lebanon, USA – Bobby Fuller Four, talk in EE 35333
5830 25-apr 03:30 WTWW, Lebanon, USA – Religious talk in EE 35333
5850 25-apr 03:25 WRMI The overcom ministry, Okeechobee, USA – Preaching in EE 35333
5890 25-apr 03:20 WWCR, Nashville, USA – Preaching in EE 35343
5950 25-apr 09:15 Voice of Tigray Revolution, Addis Abeba, Etiopia – Music 45444
6030 25-apr 03:00 Radio Marti, Greenville, USA – ID, news, in SS 44333
6285 27-apr 16:05 Radio 42, pirate, Netherlands – MX Johnny Cash, ID 35333
6285 27-apr 20:30 Radio Tango Italia, pirate, Italy – Tango music 45444
6295 27-apr 16:15 Radio Stovefarmer, pirate – MX and ID in EE 35232
6850 28-apr 01:30 Blue Moon Radio, pirate – When a man loves a woman, MX 35232
6910 28-apr 09:00 AWR Europe, Nauen, Germany – Obiettivo DX in IT 55555
7270 28-apr 00:30 PBS, Nei Menggu, China – MX Yaarukkaaga, talk in mongolian 55444
7315 28-apr 01:00 WHRI, Cypress Creek, USA – ID, address, telephone number 45444
7335 25-apr 04:05 Radio Marti, Greenville, USA – ID, martinoticias.com, talk in SS 55544
7380 28-apr 01:15 AIR, Chennai, India – Typical music 55555
7505 28-apr 02:00 WRNO, New Orleans, USA – Religious program in EE 55444