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For the summer months, Radio Six International will transmit as follows:

Sunday July 4th, Sunday August 1st and Sunday 5th September

12:00 – 13:00 GMT (14:00 – 15:00 CEST) on 3,955kHz (75.8m) from Rohrbach
with 10kW to Bavaria and Austria, 9,670kHz (31.0m) from Rohrbach with
10kW on a beam towards western Europe, the UK and Ireland, 88.2 and
107.6 FM in parts of New Zealand and online at

Reception reports to [email protected] or by post (with a Euro or US
dollar for a QSL card) to: Radio Six International, The Studio, Port
Ramsay, Island of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland PA34 5UN

Director of Programmes,
*radio six international*
The Studio, Port Ramsay, ISLE OF LISMORE, PA34 5UN, Scotland
Tel: +44 1631 760 100
On FM, AM, Shortwave and DAB Digital radio on 31 affiliate
radio stations around the world and online at

1017 17-gen 08:15 I Amica Radio Veneta – Songs, live with Giusi, good
1584 17-gen 08:00 I RDE, Trieste – ID, news,mail, good
1648 16-gen 19:10 HOL Radio Keizer & Keizerin – Dutch music, fair
3910 16-gen 20:20 HOL Radio Technical Man – ID, mail, greethings, mx, good
3920 16-gen 22:30 HOL Studio Continental – Mx Eric Clapton, good
3975 16-gen 19:15 D Scorribande via Shortwave Radio – Px in It., fair
5025 16-gen 22:35 CUB Radio Rebelde – Mx Julio Iglesias, fair
5140 17-gen 08:45 PIR Charlestone Radio Int – id, Old mx, good
5810 17-gen 08:40 HOL Mike Radio – 2 men tk in E, fair
5860 16-gen 22:40 KWT Radio Farda – Music A-Ha, ID, fair
6020 17-gen 08:30 HOL Radio Delta – Mx Tom Petty, fair
9400 17-gen 15:20 BUL From the isle of music – Mx Tipica 73, fair
9610 17-gen 10:00 D AWR – Obiettivo DX in It., good

819 09-gen 14:40 HOL Studio Denakker – Mx Orion Combo, weak
1633 09-gen 04:40 Radio Barcelona – No stop music, good
3920 09-gen 16:30 HOL Radio Gaar via Piepzender – Mx metal, fair
3920 09-gen 20:00 HOL Radio Piepzender – ID, mx Demis Roussos, fair
3935 10-gen 02:55 Zenith Classic Rock – Mx Pink Floyd, fair (LSB)
3975 08-gen 22:00 D Shortwave Radio – Test, ID, Mx, good
3975 09-gen 15:00 D Scorribande via Shortwaveradio – Px in It, weak
3995 10-gen 02:30 D HCJB Weenermoor – Relig. Talk, fair
4010 10-gen 02:40 KGZ Kyrgyz Radio 1 – Tk man & woman, fair
4760 10-gen 03:20 SWZ TWR Africa – ID, tk & music – fair
4840 10-gen 03:00 USA WWCR, Nashville – Tk abt new generations in E, fair
4850 10-gen 03:10 TKS PBS Xinjiang – Talk and mx, weak
4885 10-gen 04:00 B Radio Clube do Parà – Tk and music, fair
4930 10-gen 04:10 BOT Voa via Botswana – Talk abt Trump & social in E – fair
4960 10-gen 04:15 STP VOA Pineira – Tk abt president of USA in E, fair
5025 10-gen 05:40 CUB Radio Rebelde – Cuban music, weak
5810 10-gen 09:10 HOL Mike Radio – ID, mx Argent, fair
6020 09-gen 14:30 HOL Radio Delta Int. – Mx Wham, ID, fair bt interf
6130 10-gen 09:40 HOL Radio Casanova – Mx Alphaville, fair
9610 10-gen 09:00 D AWR – Obiettivo DX in It., good

“FRS-Holland 1980-2020: 40 years on shortwave!

On Sunday November 8th FRS-Holland will celebrate 40 years of shortwave broadcasts. Following intensive preparations FRS is ready to offer an attractive programming that day.
This time we hope to surprise you…so we won’t reveal all details as far as the programme content is concerned. Tune in and find out! Of course our history plays an important part.
A hint: the music we play is closely associated to several aspects of FRS’ past 40 years. Listen and enjoy.
To be honest: this won’t be a typical broadcast for a quick listen…there’s so much interesting to listen to next Sunday….sit down behind your SW receiver & make sure you are part of it.
In order to make listening convenient, next Sunday’s broadcast will be aired on different frequencies ánd different times. In addition there will be a number of streams starting a few days
after the shortwave broadcasts. Take a look at our schedule.
There will be a special Anniversary QSL card. Besides: listeners who send in a letter/ report to P.O.Box 2702 in Herten will receive our FRS 40 years Souvenir booklet containing many interesting articles. Please enclose 5 euro to cover P&P. For an extra 5 euro we offer a FRS 40 years CD. This CD contains programme extracts from past & present, FRS 40th Anniversary jingles (recently produced for next Sunday) and a few surprises.
We are looking forward to have your company next Sunday!

73’s, Peter Verbruggen on behalf of the FRS team”

FRS-Holland 40th Anniversary Frequency Schedule

Sunday November 8th 2020





7700 kHz

08:52- 14:05 / 14:05- 19:23*

09:52- 15:30 / 15:30- 21:00*


5790 kHz

08:52- 14:05 / 14:05- 19:23*

09:52- 15:30 / 15:30- 21:00*


6160 kHz***

08:52- 14:05

09:52- 15:30


3920 kHz**

15:52- 21:05

16:52- 22:30

* Our full programming will be repeated on our two main frequencies being 7700 & 5790 kHz.
** The 3920 outlet offers best reception in the later afternoon & evening. So best option is to start at 17 CET to ensure good reception.
*** 6160 more or less runs in parallel with our main 7700 & 5790 services.Only during the first run!