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Confirmation mail with photos received by Radio Freedom transmission of the 19/10/2019 on 6290 kHz AM. Report sent to [email protected], mail in 8 days.

Dear Dennis,

On 19 and 20 October we broadcast 2 days on the 6290Khz under the name Radio Freedom.
We are 4 friends and sometimes we will broadcast a weekend on the short wave.
Our studio is located in the north east of the Netherlands.
You have received us and sent us a confirmation by e-mail.
We really enjoy receiving an email from listening amateurs.
Our transmitter is a home-made transmitter with a maximum capacity of 100 watts.
Our antenna is an inverted V antenna, and is 11 meters high.
We want to thank you for your response.
In the attachment you will find pictures of our antenna system and transmitter.