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In January, TRSW will air a special program commemorating the many pirate stations produced by Germany’s Dr. Tim.
Here’s a list of the stations:
Radio Anonymous, Radio Bella Italia, Radio BZN, Radio Carneval, Clinic Radio, Radio Corona, Radio Disco Hell, Radio Dr. Juice, Radio Dr. Tim, Radio Dummyload, Radio Easterbunny, EM Radio, Halloween Radio, Radio Heidi, Radio Heijntje, Radio Illegal, Radio Isabella, Radio Jingle Bells, Radio Jodelpiraat, Radio Lesbos, Radio Lockdown, Love Parade Radio, March Music Radio, Radio Mousjager, Radio Olympia, Radio Polkawelle, Rammstein Radio, Reggae Radio, Radio Republica da Banana, Shortwave Pirate, Radio Sofa King, Radio Southsea Melody, Radiostancia Russian Hooligans, Radio 29, Radio Toyota, Trance AM, Transatlantic Broadcast, Radio UNID, Unknown Radio, Radio Watt & Lumen, Werner’s Schlagerwelt, Radio The White Man, Wild West FM, World Cup Radio, Radio Zendpiraat.
We plan to air the program on Channel 292 in Germany because Dr. Tim was best know to European pirate station enthusiasts. We may air it in North America. We haven’t decided.
If you’d like us to air the program on WRMI, drop us an email to [email protected]